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On 14-Jun-06 anil kumar rohilla wrote:
>   Hi List,
>       I am new to this Rsoftware, i want to make a sereis for example
> which is having values like this, s<- 0,0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4........,1 
> i tryed this statement
> s<-0:0.1:1
> but this giving an error megssage.
> but by default increment 1 it is taking ,,,,,so what to do ,,
> i want to use this varible in for loop..
> like for(j in s)

As well as the use of 'seq' which other have suggested,
a nice clean technique is

  s <- 0.1*(0:10)

which also is easier to type than

  s <- seq(0,1,by=0.1)

Best wishes,

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