[R] if syntax error :(

Sundar Dorai-Raj sundar.dorai-raj at pdf.com
Tue Jun 13 20:51:33 CEST 2006

Sarah Goslee wrote:
> You need more brackets:
> if(blah) {
>   do something
> } else {
>   do something different
> }
> Sarah
> PS Using underscores in variable names is not encouraged, and
> can cause you problems in certain contexts.

Hi, Sarah,

Why do you say this? And in what situations will R have problems? The 
only problem I can see is using current code (with underscores in 
variable names) on extremely old versions of R. I've been using R for 6 
years now and applauded the day R-core decided to do away with 
underscore as assignment (a relic of S) and allow it in variable names. 
The one minor difficulty of using underscores of which I am aware is 
having to press `_' twice in ESS.



> On 6/13/06, H. Paul Benton <hpbenton at scripps.edu> wrote:
>>Umm sorry to bother everyone again but I'm having trouble with my if
>>statement. I come from a perl background so that's probably my problem! :)
>>So here is my code:
>>if (any(lgAB>4) | any(lgAB<-4)){
>>        freq_AB<-hist(lgAB, type="o", plot=F)
>>        else
>>        freq_AB<-hist(lgAB, breaks=br,type ="o", plot=F)

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