[R] R usage for log analysis

vincent at 7d4.com vincent at 7d4.com
Sun Jun 11 13:35:06 CEST 2006

Gabriel Diaz a écrit :

> hello
> and what is the correct path to do it?
> I mean, put logs files in a mysql or somehting like that, and then
> make R use that data, using the data from the files directly?
> pre-parse the log files to accomodate them to R?
> I need faqs, manuals, books, whatever to learn about this, can anyone
> give some advice?

It's not very fresh in my mind,
but my log files were small (< 1Mo)
so I just put the whole stuff in *.txt files.

A 1st pass just consists in reducing the file,
and after that, it's just string manipulation, finding tags,
counting, and do some sortings.
All things easily doable with R.

As I remember, I stop it when my website host provided us Urchin,
which is quite great for this kind of job.

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