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Robert Gentleman rgentlem at fhcrc.org
Fri Jun 9 17:31:30 CEST 2006

  There should be a 20 page pdf document in the doc directory, 
distributed with the package. That answers most of these questions.

  Also, please read the posting guide so that you give enough 
information to actually have some chance of answering your questions,

  best wishes

Pavel Khomski wrote:
> hello!
> my question conserns with use of "panel" package (written by R.C.Gentlman)
> (unfortunately the manual and help sites are very short)
> 1. is it possible to do analysis  just without a(ny) covariate? i 
> suggest do it by introducing a covariate with level=0 in all 
> obervations, this because of Q(z)=Q_o exp(beta*z),  but it seemingly 
> doesn't work

  meaning what?
> 2. in the option gamma in the call of panel function: do you mean an 
> initial value for parameter vector gamma?
> say if i have 3 theta-parameters, so i have to initialize 
> gamma=c(xxx,xxx,xxx), correct?

> 3. are the (first ) observed times =0 allowed (in $time vectors) or 
> schould in such a case begin with =1, if there are any?

  I suspect 0, but since you have said nothing about what you are 
actually trying to do, it is entirely a guess on my part

  best wishes

> thanks for your response
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