[R] Re-binning histogram data

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Concerning the several comments on your note relating to histograms, an
informative and entertaining illustration, using Java, of how your
subjective assessment of the data can change with different histograms
constructed from the same data, is provided by R. Webster West, recently
with the Department of Statistics at the University of South Carolina, but
as of May 2006 with the Department of Statistics at Texas A & M University,
http://www.stat.sc.edu/~west/javahtml/Histogram.html  and

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Short Version:
Is there a function to re-bin a histogram to new, broader bins?

Long version: I'm trying to create a histogram, however my input-data is 
itself in the form of a fine-grained histogram, i.e. numbers of counts 
in regular one-second bins. I want to produce a histogram of, say, 
10-minute bins (though possibly irregular bins also).

I suppose I could re-create a data set as expected by the hist() function 
(i.e. if time t=3600 has 6 counts, add six entries of 3600 to a list) 
however this seems neither elegant nor efficient (though I'd be pleased to 
be mistaken!). I could then re-create a histogram as normal.

I guessing there's a better solution however! Apologies if this is a basic 
question - I'm rather new to R and trying to get up to speed.



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