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Thu Jun 8 18:47:24 CEST 2006

I am accessing my email account remotely so it
seems to be acting strangely so I am not sure
if this R question was received. I apologize if it was
and thanks for any help you can provide.


Hi Everyone : As I mentioned earlier, I am taking a lot
of Splus code and turning into R and I've run into
another stumbling block that I have not been
able to figure out.

I did plotting in a loop when I was using Splus on unix
and the way I made the plots stop so I could
lookat them as they got plotted ( there are hundreds
if not thousands getting plotted sequentially ) 
on the screen was by using the unix() command.

Basically, I wrote a function called wait()

cat("press return to continue")
unix("read stuff")

and this worked nicely because I then
did source("program name") at the Splus prompt and
a plot was created on the screen  and then
the wait() function was right under the plotting code
in the program so that you had to hit the return key to go to the next plot.

I am trying to do the equivalent on R 2.20/windows XP
I did a ?unix in R and it came back with system() and
said unix was deprecated so I replaced unix("read stuff") with system("read stuff") but all i get is a warning "read not found" and
it flies through the successive plots and i can't see them.

Thanks for any help on this. It's much appreciated.

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