[R] [Fwd: R 2.20 Windows XP anaolgue of Splus unix() command ?]

markleeds at verizon.net markleeds at verizon.net
Thu Jun 8 18:03:34 CEST 2006

>Hi Everyone : As I mentioned earlier, I am taking a lot
>of Splus code and turning into R and I've run into
>another stumbling block that I have not been
>able to figure out.
>I did plotting in a loop when I was using Splus on unix
>and the way I made the plots stop so I could
>lookat them as they got plotted ( there are hundreds
>if not thousands getting plotted sequentially ) 
>on the screen was by using the unix() command.
>Basically, I wrote a function called wait()
>cat("press return to continue")
>unix("read stuff")
>and this worked nicely because I then
>did source("program name") at the Splus prompt and
>a plot was created on the screen  and then
>the wait() function was right under the plotting code
>in the program so that you had to hit the return key to go to the next plot.
>I am trying to do the equivalent on R 2.20/windows XP
>I did a ?unix in R and it came back with system() and
>said unix was deprecated so I replaced unix("read stuff") with system("read stuff") but all i get is a warning "read not found" and
>it flies through the successive plots and i can't see them.
>Thanks for any help on this. It's much appreciated.
>                                        Mark

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