[R] Re-binning histogram data

Justin Ashmall ja at space.mit.edu
Thu Jun 8 11:46:19 CEST 2006


Short Version:
Is there a function to re-bin a histogram to new, broader bins?

Long version: I'm trying to create a histogram, however my input-data is 
itself in the form of a fine-grained histogram, i.e. numbers of counts 
in regular one-second bins. I want to produce a histogram of, say, 
10-minute bins (though possibly irregular bins also).

I suppose I could re-create a data set as expected by the hist() function 
(i.e. if time t=3600 has 6 counts, add six entries of 3600 to a list) 
however this seems neither elegant nor efficient (though I'd be pleased to 
be mistaken!). I could then re-create a histogram as normal.

I guessing there's a better solution however! Apologies if this is a basic 
question - I'm rather new to R and trying to get up to speed.



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