[R] knn - 10 fold cross validation

Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Wed Jun 7 03:52:18 CEST 2006

You might want to check out the function tune.knn() in the e1071 package.


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  I was trying to get the optimal 'k' for the knn. To do this I was using
the following function : 
knn.cvk <- function(datmat, cl, k = 2:9) { 
    datmatT <- (datmat) 
  cv.err <- cl.pred <- c() 
  for (i in k) { 
    newpre <- as.vector(knn.cv(datmatT, cl, k = i)) 
    cl.pred <- cbind(cl.pred, newpre) 
    cv.err <- c(cv.err, sum(cl != newpre)) 
  k0 <- k[which.min(cv.err)] 

  However, the knn.cv function does a 'leave one out' cross validation. I
checked the documentation to see if I could change this, but it appears that
I cannot. Since I have large datasets, I would like to do 10 fold cross
validation, instead of the 'leave one out'.

  Is there some other function that I can use that will give me a 10 fold
cross validation for KNN ? 
  many thanks. 


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