[R] nls model singular gradient matrix parametrization

Mihai Nica m_nica at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 1 22:57:00 CEST 2006

I am having a very hard time with a nonlinear regression. The last chance is 
that maybe somebody can spot something wrong… The data and the model are 
described below:

number of observations = 3030
y = [0,…,~16]
D1969 = [.16,…,~70,000]

>mod=nls(log(D1969)~d-log(1+d1*exp(-gt+g1*y)), start=list(d=11, d1=750000, 
>gt=14, g1=.9), trace=TRUE, data=pidg)
Error in nlsModel(formula, mf, start) : singular gradient matrix at initial 
parameter estimates

I ran several variants, changing the start values. However the graph with 
these starting values is almost identical with what is obtained with the 
real data (although it is rather nonlinear)… I am missing something, but 
can’t figure out what. If anybody has a little time and patience, any advice 
would be really really appreciated.

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