[R] interacting with X11() device

javier garcia-pintado jgarcia at ija.csic.es
Thu Jun 1 18:28:01 CEST 2006


I'm preparing a simple function that plots sequentially a number of time
series for visual inspection, after some previous transformations.

To allow the user to have time to see the series I'm using
Sys.sleep(1.5) between calls to line(). But is it possible to add some
mechanism that would allow the user, for example with one click on the
plotting device, to pause the sequential plotting for a more detailed
inspection of a specific series and with another click to go on with the
sequential display?

Without the details, it is something like this:

results.plot <- function(i){
  for (j in i){

And I'm calling the function for all series in a matrix: results.plot(1:100)

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Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera (CSIC)
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