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Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Thu Jun 1 16:25:05 CEST 2006

Could you tell us what version (and variant) of Linux you're using, and the
GCC version (see gcc -v)?  Are you logged in as root when you built R, or as
regular user?  What does the summary output of configure look like (i.e.,
the last 25 lines or so of output from running configure)?



From: Pramod Anugu
> Under the below section it talks about X86_64 architecture for Linux.
> 1. tar -zxvf R-2.3.0.tar.gz
> 2. changed the directory to the newly created directory 
> R-2.3.0 3. Typed ./configure 'r_arch=name' 
> 4. Typed make
> 5. Make check
> 6. make check-all
> 7. Typed make install
> 8. Typed R
> I still get the same error message. 
> Fatal error: unable to open the base package
> 2.5 Sub-architectures
> Some platforms can support closely related builds of R which 
> can share all but the executables and dynamic objects. 
> Examples include builds under Solaris for different chips (in 
> particular, 32- and 64-bit builds), 64- and
> 32- bit builds on `x86_64' Linux and different CPUs (`ppc', 
> `ppc64' and
> `i386') under MacOS 10.4. 
> R supports the idea of architecture-specific builds, 
> specified by adding `r_arch=name' to the configure line. Here 
> name can be anything non-empty, and is used to name 
> subdirectories of lib, etc, include and libs. Example names 
> from other systems are the use of sparcv9 on Solaris and 32 
> by gcc on `x86_64' Linux. 
> If you have two or more such builds you can install them over 
> each other (and one build can be done without `r_arch'). The 
> space savings can be
> considerable: on `x86_64' Linux a basic install (without 
> debugging symbols) took 63Mb, and adding a 32-bit build added 
> 6Mb. If you have installed multiple build you can select 
> which build to run by 
>      R --arch=name
> and running `R' will run the last build that was installed. 
> R CMD INSTALL will detect if more that one build is installed 
> and try to install packages with the appropriate library 
> objects for each. This will not be done if the package has an 
> executable configure script or a src/Makefile file. In such 
> cases you can install for extra builds by 
>      R --arch=name CMD INSTALL --libs-only pkg(s)
> -----------------------------------------------------
> My Server Archeitecute is X86_64
> -bash-2.05b# rpm -q --qf '%{ARCH}\n' zlib
> x86_64
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