[R] Help on the association between two events

Han-Lin Lai Han-Lin.Lai at noaa.gov
Thu Jun 1 15:33:31 CEST 2006

Dear R-users,

Could any give me a guidence to solve the following problem?

I have three balls A, B and C.  I can pick A, B or C at the first 
selection.  At the second and third selections, I can either (i) pick 
one of the remaining balls, or (ii) stop to pick any balls.  Therefore, 
I have a classification table:

1st    2nd   3rd    n
A       --      --    9
B       --      --    3
C       --      --    5
A        B     --     7
A        C     --    1
B        A     --     9
B        C     --    2
C        A     --    0
C        B     --    3
A        B      C    5
A        C      B    6
B        A      C     8
B        C      A     9
C        A      B     3
C        B      A     2

My interest is on the estimation and test for the association between A 
and B.  In a special case, what is the assocaition measure between A and 
B if the first pick is either A or B?  Does anyone have done this kind 
of analysis?

Thanks in advance.
Han-Lin Lai

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