[R] .Rprofile under Windoze.

Rolf Turner rolf at erdos.math.unb.ca
Wed Aug 30 23:49:47 CEST 2006

I am (for my sins) having to do some work using R under Windoze.  I
wanted to set up a .Rprofile to control my set-up.  The docs on
.Rprofile say that it can/should be placed in ``the user's home
directory''.  ``An Introduction to R'' observes lucidly that this
concept needs to be clarified under Windoze.

Following the suggestions in An Introduction to R, I tried
putting a .Rprofile in

	"C:\Documents and Settings\rolf\My Documents"

When that didn't work, I tried putting it in the starting directory
(and confirmed that I'd got that right by checking with getwd() and
list.files(all.files=TRUE) ).

The last invocation indicated that the name of the file was *really*
``.Rprofile.txt'' --- although I'd tried to save it as (simply)
``.Rprofile''.  Is that the problem?  If so, how can I persuade
Windoze NOT to stick that damned .txt tag on the end?  (Gawd, but I
***hate*** Windoze!!!)  If that's not the problem, can you suggest
what *is* the problem?

All that .Rprofile(.txt) has in it at the moment is

	options(prompt="Wheee! ")

so that I can easily tell whether it's working.  If I

	> source(".Rprofile.txt")

the prompt does indeed get changed to ``Wheee! '' as it should.

I would appreciate enlightenment.  Ta.


					Rolf Turner
					rolf at math.unb.ca

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