[R] Simulations in R during power failure

mel mel at altk.com
Sun Aug 27 07:45:42 CEST 2006

bbvaughn at bellsouth.net a écrit :

> Hi everyone,
> I recently ran a simulation on a computer using R that was hooked up to a UPS.  There was one time when the power was out for length and the computer shut down.  I was worried that I had lost the simulation, but upon booting the machine up, I heard the processor kick in.  It sounded like the simulation had resumed.
> Does anyone have any experience with this?  Because I live in Florida and there is a possibility of another hurricane.  And I am running a huge simulation which may or may not finish before this hurricane finishes.
> What options are there in saving a simulation and it picking up where it left off?
> Thanks,
> Brandon

write your results, let's say every hour or 30' on your disk.
something like
if (substr(date(),...)=='30') write.table(...)
where it could take place

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