[R] [R-pkgs] spatstat 1.9-5

Adrian Baddeley adrian at maths.uwa.edu.au
Thu Aug 24 02:50:11 CEST 2006

A new version 1.9-5 of the package `spatstat' 
has been uploaded to CRAN.

What it is:
spatstat is a package for analysing spatial data, mainly Spatial Point

What's in it:
Functions for exploratory data analysis, model-fitting, simulation,
spatial sampling, model diagnostics, and formal inference. Data types
include point patterns, line segment patterns, spatial windows, and
pixel images. Point patterns may include marks (e.g. multitype
points).  Spatial windows can have irregular shape (polygons with
holes, binary images).  Point process models can be fitted to point
pattern data. Cluster models are fitted by the method of minimum
contrast. Very general Gibbs point process models can be fitted to
point pattern data using a function ppm similar to lm or glm. Models
may include dependence on covariates, interpoint interaction and
dependence on marks. Fitted models can be simulated
automatically. Also provides facilities for formal inference (such as
chi-squared tests) and model diagnostics (including simulation
envelopes, residuals, residual plots and Q-Q plots).

Spatstat is one of the largest packages available on CRAN,
with over 270 functions. 

For more information:
	See the Release Notes for version 1.9-5 at

Adrian Baddeley and Rolf Turner

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