[R] Query: how to modify the plot of acf

Matthias Braeunig mb.atelier at web.de
Fri Aug 18 20:56:36 CEST 2006

Hi Stefano,

the manual tells us that we can access components of an acf object
directly by acf.obj[.], but assignment ]<- does not work this way.

One way of doing what you want is to assign NA to x$acf[x$lag==0] like so:

x <- acf(runif(100))
x$acf[1] <- NA

But I suppose what you actually want is to have a reasonable ylim to be
in effect when plotting your acf. I have struggled with this myself and
found the following solution:

In plot.acf the formula for the white noise confidence interval is
something along the lines of

acf.clim <- function(x=stop("your acf"), n=x$n.used, CL=.95)
        cl = qnorm((1+CL)/2)/sqrt(n)
        attr(cl,"CL") <- CL
        return( cl)

Using this function you can plot
x <- acf(runif(100),plot=F)
plot(x, ylim=2*acf.clim(x)*c(-1,1))	# adjust magnification as needed

As for your second question we first prevent plotting of x-axis and then
add our custom axis:

x <- acf(runif(1000),100,plot=F)
plot(x, ylim=2*acf.clim(x)*c(-1,1),xaxt='n')	# note option 'xaxt'!

Hope that helps,


NB: It would be a good idea to include the acf.clim(.) inside of the acf
object... Now it is somewhat hidden inside of plot.acf

x$clim <- acf.clim(x)

Stefano Sofia wrote:
> I need to modify the graph of the autocorrelation. I tried to do it through plot.acf but with no success. 
> 1. I would like to get rid of the lag zero
> 2. I would like to have numbers on the x-axis only at lags 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, ...
> Could anybody help me in this?
> Any help will be appreciated
> Thank you for your attention
> Stefano
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