[R] question re: "summarry.lm" and NA values

r user ruser2006 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 15 16:01:13 CEST 2006

Is there a way to get the following code to include
NA values where the coefficients are “NA”?



Using a loop, I am running regressions on several
“subsets” of “data1”.

“reg <- ( lm(lm(data1[,1] ~., data1[,2:l])) )”

My regression has 10 independent variables, and I
therefore expect 11 coefficients.
After each regression, I wish to save the coefficients
and standard errors of the coefficients in a table
with 22 columns.

I successfully extract the coefficients using the
following code:

I attempt to extract the standard errors using :



My problem:
For some of my subsets, I am missing data for one or
more of the independent variables.  This of course
causes the coefficients and standard erros for this
variable to be “NA”.

Is there a way to include the NA standard errors, so
that I have the same number of standard erros and
coefficients for each regression, and can then store
the coefficients and standard erros in my table of 22

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