[R] parameter yaxs / function hist (graphics)

Paulo Barata pbarata at infolink.com.br
Tue Aug 8 03:46:18 CEST 2006

Dear R users,

The parameters xaxs and yaxs (function par, package graphics)
seem not to work with the function hist (package graphics),
even when the parameters xlim and ylim are defined.

Is there any way to make yaxs="i" and xaxs="i" work properly
with the function hist, mainly to produce histograms that
"touch" the horizontal axis? The R documentation and the
R mailing lists archive don't seem to be of help here.

I am using R 2.3.1, running under Windows XP.

## Example:
x <- rnorm(100)

Thank you very much.

Paulo Barata

Paulo Barata
Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz / Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
Rua Leopoldo Bulhoes 1480 - 8A
21041-210  Rio de Janeiro - RJ
E-mail: pbarata at infolink.com.br

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