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Simone Vincenzi simone.vincenzi at nemo.unipr.it
Mon Aug 7 22:07:21 CEST 2006

Thanks for the help. 
I provide below the dataset I'm using, it's a little bit different from what 
I was describing (sorry for that). The streams are 3 and I have an unequal 
number of years for each stream.

Stream Density Year 
1     Zak    0.20 2000 
2     Zak    0.36 2001 
3     Zak    0.41 2002 
4     Zak    0.34 2003 
5     Zak    0.28 2004 
6     Gor    0.08 1999 
7     Gor    0.05 2000 
8     Gor    0.14 2001 
9     Gor    0.16 2002 
10    Gor    0.13 2003 
11    Gat    0.18 2004 
12    Gat    0.10 2001 
13    Gat    0.37 2002 
14    Gat    0.57 2003 
15    Gat    0.47 2004

I tried to follow the suggestions of Dieter, but the model does not fit. 
Any suggestion will be appreciated

Dear R-list, 
> I have a statistical problem with the comparison of two short time-series 
> density data in an ecological framework. I have to compare two short time 
> series (5 years, one value for each year) of species density data (it is 
> density of fish in two different streams) to test if the two means of the 
> five densities are significantly different, so basically if the two mean 
> stream-specific fish densities are significantly different. 
> I don't think I can use a straight t-test due to the problem of 
> autocorrelation and I don't think I can use a repeated measure ANOVA as I 
> don't have any replicates. 
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

try something like


This should also give you an estimate if the slopes are different if you 
against the simplified model


Since you did not provide a short example data set, this is only 


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