[R] bringToTop without focus?

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Thu Aug 3 15:47:32 CEST 2006

Thanks for fast response.

'Had another look at the problem and found a partial but nice solution which will solve my present problem and might be useful to others.

Here is the context:
In fact I have all my data and stuff in Excel and I use R(D)COM with Rexcel to communicate with R and do some of the work there. One of the things I do is to create a graph in R and to display it. To make sure it stays visible, I use bringToTop(stay=TRUE) from R. But then I would like to keep working in Excel without having to re-activate the workbook window. This is where the problem originated. Within excel there is a somewhat crude solution:
Submit the code which makes the graph via a VBA procedure (macro) and end it with SendKeys "%{TAB}". Here is an example:

  Sub Refilter
  Range("Alldata").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, CriteriaRange:=Range( _
        "Criteria"), CopyToRange:=Range("Extractrange"), Unique:=False
  SendCommands Range("DiagPlot")
  SendKeys "%{TAB}"
  End sub

Here "DiagPlot" is a range which contains the code to construct the plot such as plot(x,y). 

The VBA macro should be run when the worksheet of interest has focus. The call SendKeys "%{TAB}" simulates pressing ALT TAB which goes back to the previous window on the stack. This was the one which had focus when bringToTop. There we go. 

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On 8/3/2006 9:13 AM, christian.ritter at shell.com wrote:
> Hi all who know R on Windows,
> Quick question: Is there a way to do "bringToTop(stay=TRUE)" without giving "focus"? I would like to pop a graph window but I would like to preserve focus in the window which I was in before. 

No, there's no way to do that.  The closest is

{ bringToTop(stay=TRUE); bringToTop(-1) }

but that only works if the previous window was the console.

Duncan Murdoch

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