[R] alternative to 'groups' for lattice bwplot()

Sebastian Luque sluque at mun.ca
Wed Mar 23 17:16:24 CET 2005

"Mulholland, Tom" <Tom.Mulholland at dpi.wa.gov.au> wrote:

> I'm afraid you have lost me. What is it that you want that reordering
> the formula does not achieve.
> bwplot(yield ~ year | site, data = barley) has sites next to each other.

Yes, they are next to each other, but in different panels, as expected
when using a formula like that. I should have been more explicit saying
that I want the conditioning variable to show within a panel.

> If the lattice structure is your issue (it appears you wish to remove
> the structure and replace it with a wider space) then I guess you might
> find writing your own code easier than forcing lattice to be something
> other than itself.

I disagree. IMHO, I don't think the sole purpose of lattice is to put
plots in different panels. There are several cases, where (I think)
lattice can "mark" groups of data in a single panel more efficiently than
other tools. One may or may not need other conditioning variables to show
in different panels.

Sebastian P. Luque

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