[R] Problem encounter during graphics device driver

Satadru.Sarkar@infineon.com Satadru.Sarkar at infineon.com
Wed Mar 23 07:32:24 CET 2005


I am facing the following problem using the R-version 1.9.1

The PDF or PS none of these device drivers are opening while I am using
R-1.9.1, the following error message is coming

Error in PS(file, old$paper, old$family, old$encoding, old$bg, old$fg,
	unable to start device PostScript
In addition: Warning message: 
problem loading encoding file 
Execution halted

But while I am using the R-1.9.0, no error message is coming.

Though I have installed all the required packages.

Please suggest any workaround.

With regards


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