[R] lme user-defined correlation structures??

Michael Jerosch-Herold jeroschh at ohsu.edu
Fri Mar 18 18:27:55 CET 2005

Could somebody help with the definition of new correlation structure for use with a linear mixed-effects model (package nlme). Specifically, I want to define a Toeplitz type correlation structure, but due to my inexperience with programming in R, I feel a bit overwhelmed with the task at hand.

I understand that you can start with a function like corAR1 as template, but I have no idea how I would define the methods (coef, corMatrix, and initialize) in this context.

An example of code for a user-defined correlation structure would be very helpful.

I did a search on Google and in the R-help archives, but have not found much in terms of hints and specific examples for user defined correlation structures.

Thank you in advance!

Michael Jerosch-Herold

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