[R] Moving form Windows XP to Linux (Ubuntu 4 / debian)

Guillaume STORCHI nioniodesbois at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 17 12:43:49 CET 2005

There's no real R user interface under linux, but it's not that better to have
one...ESS/Emacs is pretty good!
(you'll just get nervous when you'll want to save plots, look rplots up in

*Try Rcmdr package, hope sci-views-R we'll be available soon for non-M$windoz
    *or have a look in CRAN->other->RGUIs something called RKward if you run
    *only if you installed R from a source R-...-tar.gz and did a ./configure
--enable-shlib, ./configure --with-gnome when installed type R
--with-gui='gnome'. if you run Gnome.
    *or a poor one by typing R --with-gui='tk'

For ctrl-C I've had the same problem, but it do works sometimes if you select
the ESS-buffer...  otherwise I don't know

Let me know if you get the clue

Good luck,

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