[R] How to concatenate time series?

Robert Pollak robert.pollak at scietec.at
Wed Mar 16 10:35:33 CET 2005


I have just completed first experiments in using R, especially creating and 
using ARIMA models, e.g.

# create a model as in example(arima)
fit <- arima(USAccDeaths, order = c(1,1,1),seasonal = list(order=c(1,1,1)))

# use the model to generate a prediction
dp<-predict(fit, n.ahead = 24)

plot(dp$pred) # view the prediction

Now I created a combined chart of the original and predicted values. I tried it 
like this:

dvs <- c(as.vector(USAccDeaths),as.vector(dp$pred))
plot(dvs, type="l")

Here, of course, the x axis does not display time values any more. So I manually 
recontructed a time series from the concatenated vector:

ds<-ts(dvs, 1973, 1980.91666666667, deltat = 1/12)

plot(ds) # this is the chart I wanted

Now my question is:
Is there some way to directly concatenate the original and the predicted time 
series? Searching the help files and this mailing list's archive gave me no hints.

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