[R] help w/ xyplot and panel.lmline

Sebastian Luque sluque at mun.ca
Tue Mar 15 22:48:17 CET 2005

eesteves at ualg.pt wrote:


> Is it possible to change the plotted characters and regression lines for
> two of the panels (corresponding to dates 101 and 172). For these dates
> I intend to use data only for ages 9-14 d instead of 5-14 d as for the
> remaining.

Have a look at argument 'panel.number' that you can use when defining your
panel function. You can create a conditional statement based on that
argument. Perhaps something like (replace where appropriate):

        xlab="Age class (d)",ylab="Ln(Abundance)",ylim=c(-2.5,6.5),xlim=c(0,30),
        panel = function(x, y, panel.number, ...) {
          if(panel.number == "panel number for day 101" |
             panel.number == "panel number for day 172") {
            "panel functions for these days here"} else {
              "panel functions for other days here"}

works for you? I've used something similar with 'panel.groups' as the main
panel function, but have never done it as above, so beware :-)

Sebastian Luque

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