[R] howto: plot location, web search

Mike R mike.rstat at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 07:43:47 CET 2005


new to the list, R and rpy. my first post.

using rpy, i find this

  r.X11(height=3, width=6)

allows me to preset the size of a subsequent

   r.plot(x, y)

but i've been unable to find documention on related aspects, such as
programatic control of the plot window location on the monitor, or
programatic resizing of a plot once it is generated. Are these

In general I've found it diffcult to use google to search for answers
because "R" is not a very effective keyword. Are there tricks to
googling for R info?  And If a start a web accessible html page for R,
what keywords can I include that would make it easier for search
engines to index so that other R-folk could find it?

Thanks in advance,

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