[R] cl$cluster of kmeans

XP Sun xpsun at ict.ac.cn
Mon Mar 7 10:14:02 CET 2005

hi, all,

	i had a problem when i used kmeans as follow:

	> pp <- scan("m0028.data", quiet= TRUE)
	> x <- matrix(pp, nc=3, byrow=TRUE)
	> cl<-kmeans(x, 4, 20)
	> plot(x, col=cl$cluster)
	> save(cl$cluster, file="m0028.ks", ascii=TRUE)
		Error in save(cl$cluster, file = "m0028.ks", ascii = TRUE) : 
  	      Object "cl$cluster" not found

	when i wanted to save the vector of cluster only, a reflection was  thrown out as that. 

	could i save cl$cluster only? how?
	thank you in advance.

xp sun

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