[R] .ps and .pdf page size differences in FC vs. Debian

Clint Harshaw charshaw at presby.edu
Wed Mar 2 19:39:29 CET 2005

Clint Harshaw wrote:

 > R version: 2.0.0
 > OS: Fedora Core 1


 > How do I set (in Fedora Core 1) the paper size for R to US letter, so 
I can run my commands R <baseballsalary.R >output --vanilla -q from the 

About 15 minutes after I sent this question in to the list, I found some 
help at this url:


So I tried including options(pagesize="letter") and the result properly 
fit on US Letter paper.

But I would still like to learn how to set a configuration parameter for 
R, so that R code I write will behave the same regardless of my running 
it on my Debian box or my FC1 box.


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