[R] Segmetation Fault in R

Kort, Eric Eric.Kort at vai.org
Thu Dec 29 17:13:11 CET 2005

Marcelo Damasceno wrote... 

>Hi all,
>I has a C code in Linux, it has 7 pointers and compile e run OK, but when I
>run in R happens Segmetation Fault.
>When I use calloc function, it returns NULL.
>What's wrong?
>I would like more information about R-alloc function?

What is wrong is that there is a bug in your C code related.

A search of the R-help mailing list archives seems to indicate that there have been about 10,800 prior posts about segmentation faults, the last of which was a few days ago--in which I and then Dr. Ripley described in some detail what causes segmentation faults.  I would review these, and if you are still having this problem, post a snippet of code that recreates the problem to the appropriate C development list serve.


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