[R] Repeating functions

Ronnie Babigumira rb.glists at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 15:06:29 CET 2005

Hi, I have a number of spatial weight files and using Roger Bivand's spdep, I would like to

1. Convert them into neighbor lists using
2. Convert the neighbor lists into spatial weights

For a given file, the syntax would be

mygal_nb1 <- read.gal("mygalfile1", override.id = TRUE)
myweight1 <- nb2listw(mygal_nb1)

I have mygalfile[i] with i from 1 through to 6 and would like to repeat the above two lines through 1 to 6.
something like (the syntax below is not correct...just an illustration)

for (i in 1:6) {
mygal_nb[i] <- read.gal("mygalfile[i]", override.id = TRUE)
myweight[i] <- nb2listw(mygal_nb[i]

Kindly point me in the right direction (whilst read through the material I have)


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