[R] help and konqueror

John Logsdon j.logsdon at quantex-research.com
Mon Dec 26 16:06:27 CET 2005

I cannot get the search facility with konqueror running for ordinary users
(R 2.2.0, KDE 3.3.1, CentOS4.1).  Javascript works on web sites and the
Sun java test works that is installed (it is KJAS - rather old at
j2re-1.4.2-11.2.el4.rf but with the anarchy of Java, if it works leave it
alone).  Does anyone else have this experience?

The search facility works under root, even if it annoyingly pops up a
Konqueror Java Console and a KJAS Applet Ticket number.  It also works for
an ordinary user with Firefox with a more up-to-date version (jre1.5.0_06)
but that takes a long time to load.  I like konqueror as it is light and
fast and for a search-engine the ideal platform.

I see that there was some discussion back in 2001 about this on the
R-devel list and while it was not resolved then in the discussions between
Doug, Kurt and Brian, the fact that it works now at least under root means
that it is functional somehow.

Could it be a permissions problem?  The whole R tree has owner root, group
R and has no world access - this is just to trace R usage.  Is there
something in the javascript search facility that assumes world execute
access? And if so, how to change it?  And how to get rid of the annoying
java console and ticket popups (probably a question for the kde list:-))?

I have compared two CentOS4.1 installations but cannot see anything
obvious.  The fact that it only occurs with R and not on web sites that I
know use javascript is why I have posted to this list in the first place. 

BTW when installing libraries, R CMD INSTALL assumes with Linux that the
temporary location is /tmp but many people wisely mount /tmp noexec which
leads to a Permission denied message.  (It is severely frowned on to
execute commands from the temporary directory).  This can be circumvented
by setting TMPDIR to somewhere else in /usr/bin/R - /var/tmp for example -
but perhaps a warning should be added to the short installation
instructions or better, this issue could be removed by using a temporary
directory in the installation tree.

Best wishes, Happy Christmas and New Year to all


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