[R] Plot problems: xlim

Ronnie Babigumira rb.glists at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 12:46:47 CET 2005

Still fresh in R, tried to figure this out, now on my second day running with no luck (and a pile of hair on my desk) so 
I have thrown in the towel and would like to ask for some help.

Here is what I am trying to do. I am trying to plot a distribution, I have 99 points, bound in the range

xlim.min: -0.0173
xlim.max: 0.02103

However, I have a value outside this range (0.2454959) which I would like to add to the plot as a line and to do this I 
use abline(v=0.2454959)

This is what I write

 >xlim = c(-0.02, 0.3)
 >denz <- density(morp)
 >plot.density(denz, xlim = xlim, ylim = c(0,70))
 >hist(morp, freq=F, add= T)

Without any options, plot.density spreads out nicely, however, naturally, the line I want to add is not plotted since it 
is well outside the range automatically determined by plot.density hence the need to add xlim however this produces 
something I dont find aesthetically appealing. The plot is squeezed out into a very lean "bell" shape.

So (finally) my question, how can i widen the spread of my plot and yet also be able to add my xline.

Many thanks


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