[R] Using MAANOVA functions

Heather Maughan hmaughan at u.arizona.edu
Wed Dec 21 00:10:16 CET 2005

Dear R-users:

I am using the package MAANOVA to analyze microarray data and have
encountered problems when trying to plot data.  I have tried emailing a
MAANOVA discussion group, as well as the author of the package, and have not
yet received a response so I am hoping that someone on this listserv can be
of assistance.  

There are several functions in MAANOVA (riplot, resiplot) which call the
"plot" function.  For some unknown reason, when I use these functions, it
appears that "xlim" has not been specified and I get an error (see below).
However, when reading the code for each function, a command for how to
calculate "xlim" has been specified but for some reason it does not get
done.  Does anyone have experience using MAANOVA commands and is willing to

Here is an example of the error I get.  It is identical also for the
"resiplot" command:

> riplot(spore)
Error in plot.window(xlim, ylim, log, asp, ...) :
    need finite 'xlim' values

Many thanks,

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