[R] Random effects with glm()

Juan Pablo Sánchez juansan at dca.upv.es
Tue Dec 20 13:09:38 CET 2005

Dear R users:
I am using the glm function in order to analysis data on fertility of rabbit females, the response variable are either 1, the female became pregnant, or 0, she does not. I am using the probit link function. Actually I have several measurement per female, thus it would be nice if  I can include a random permanent effect of female in the model. I order to take into account for the variance covariance estructure of the data. 
I supply the calculation in this way:
fert_probit<-glm(fer ~ gae + ctipo  -1,  family = binomial(link="probit"), data = FERTILIDAD)

Thus my question is: Do exit same option in the glm() function to allow for random effects?, similar to the random option in lme()

Thanks in advance
Juan Pablo.

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