[R] R package for x-12-arima

Neha neha.pandey at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 04:10:29 CET 2005


 Vikram and  I are beginning work  on a native R  package to interface
into  X-12-arima.    We  have  looked  through   gretl,  and  previous
discussions on  kludgy interfaces involving calls to  the x12a binary.
Our  aim is  to port  as much  of the  functionality as  possible with
native R objects, and to do away with the archaic file-based interface
of X-12-arima.   Our estimate is  that some X-12-arima  Fortran source
will need modification as well, to separate its I/O.

 We would appreciate any pointers or existing code that could help us.
If anyone is  already working on something similar,  we would be happy
to pool effort.

Neha <neha.pandey at gmail.com>
Vikram <vikram at mayin.org>
Neha Pandey: neha.pandey at gmail.com.

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