[R] help on barplots

Björn Rogell Bjorn.Rogell at ebc.uu.se
Mon Dec 19 12:27:25 CET 2005

Hello, I am a beginner with R and I would need some help with doing barplots.
My problem is that I would like to include both diffrent colors of the bars 
and  precence/absence of shading lines in the barplots. When reading in the 
help file about the "col" command it states:

col: a vector of colors for the bars or bar components. By
           default, grey is used if 'height' is a vector, and a
           gamma-corrected grey palette if 'height' is a matrix.

It seems like the default is to color the bar components, when I add both 
col and density the shading lines gets the colors in the col vector. What I 
would need is diffrent colors of the bars and black shading lines.
How could I solve this problem?
Thanksful for answer/ Björn Rogell

 > meanbufoAN
     TR101     TR203     TR302     TR404     TR509     TR611     TR710 
12.329885 12.712815 12.115556 12.570500 11.580300 11.920851 10.094532  9.854988


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