[R] multiple plots per page

Bill Hunsicker BHunsicker at rfmd.com
Fri Dec 16 16:13:06 CET 2005


I would like to place nine (3X3) plots per page.  I am not properly
implement mfrow(3,3) in the script below:

jpeg("xyplot.jpg") #names output file
my_args <- commandArgs() #sets up to take args from dos batch command
mfcol(3,3) #set page for 3X3
TEMPS <- c(-15,25,85)#list of temps
VBATS <- c(3,3.6,4.7)#list of Bats
BOARDS <- c("YZ0DC","ZD0DC","0E0DC","2E0DC","3E0DC")#list of boards
#load the xtal data into "all" with formatting for memory saving
all <- read.csv(my_args[3], colClasses=c('factor',
rep('integer',3),'numeric', 'numeric',
'numeric', 'integer', 'integer', 'integer', 'numeric', 'factor',
rep('integer', 5), 'numeric', 'integer', 'numeric'))
#get data by board and temp and voltage
for( T in TEMPS)
   for(V in  VBATS)
      for(B in BOARDS)
        board <- subset(all,(Temperature==T && BoardNumber == B &&
           plot((board$FineTuneDACStep * board$ArrayID),board$OutpFreq)

Can you help me?  


Bill Hunsicker
RF Micro Devices
7625 Thorndike Road
Greensboro, NC  27409

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