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Thu Dec 15 08:33:10 CET 2005

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Centocor R & D, an operating company of Johnson & Johnson, seeks a highly
motivated statistician/data analyst to work in its Nonclinical Statistics
group. The position is based in the Valley Forge area northwest of
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

We support the science of discovery and research of biotechnology therapies
for immune disorders, including inflammation and cancer. Primary
responsibilities of the position include collaborations with researchers on
experimental design, data analysis, and interpretation. Applied development
of statistical methodology, development of software, and co-authorship of
publications and presentations are also primary responsibilities. The scope
of the nonclinical statistics group focuses on needs outside traditional
clinical trials. This includes preclinical in-vivo, in-vitro, and in-silico
studies, as well as product formulations. We also serve experimental
medicine needs in clinical pharmacology.

A Ph.D. or Masters in statistics or appropriate data-analytic discipline is
required. The target candidate is one with approximately 5 years of
experience as a statistician, but there is flexibility dependent on an
individual candidate's experience. Comprehensive understanding of linear
models is essential. There are unlimited opportunities to successfully apply
'modern' approaches such as resistance & robustness, good data graphs,
resampling, and high-dimension reduction. Good oral and written skills are
crucial, as is the desire to learn enough of the relevant science to
interact effectively. Excellent software skills are also essential. Facility
in the S language, preferably R, is expected. A successful candidate must be
constantly eager to expand their statistical, communications, and computing
expertise. S/he must also be enjoy the process of building long-term
collaborative relationships, be at ease with either non-rigid or rigid
structure to projects, and be professional in handling numerous projects

Statisticians at Centocor (http://centocor.com) are highly-valued partners
for their contributions to scientific and business objectives. The
innovative spirit of our biotechnology company is backed by the trust of our
parent company Johnson & Johnson (http://www.jnj.com/our_company/), a
comprehensive company of health products and services. 

The Valley Forge location of the position is approximately 25 miles
northwest of Philadelphia. If you believe your interests and background
match the above description then please e-mail your CV or resume *and* a
cover letter in reply to this message.

Thank you very much,

Bill Pikounis, PhD

Nonclinical Statistics
Centocor, Inc.
200 Great Valley Parkway
MailStop C4-1
Malvern, PA 19355

610 240 8498
fax 610 651 6717

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