[R] X11 png jpeg cledit false when running from script

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Thu Dec 15 07:37:15 CET 2005

It could be as simple as not having DISPLAY set when running the script.

capabilities() first checks there is a display specified, then that it can 
be opened.  SELinux (which my FC3 box runs) does from time to time get in 
the way (a month or so ago it stopped scripts accessing Xvfb), but usually 
this is solved by updating/downdating the policies.

Marc Schwartz mentioned bitmap(): there is also package GDD if you can get 
that to run (it runs for me on i386 FC3, but not on x86_64 FC3)

On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Jon Dressel wrote:

> When launching R from a script, when queried it reports the following
> capabilities as false: jpeg, png, x11 and cledit.  When R is run from a
> terminal session, all of these capabilities are reported true.  R is
> running on FC4. As the purpose of this script is to output the png file
> to a browser, it is unable to complete because of this.  Any ideas are
> appreciated.  We have an identical setup running on FC3 and there is not
> a problem.

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