[R] Design library

Mohammad Reza M.R.Baneshi at sms.ed.ac.uk
Wed Dec 14 11:22:11 CET 2005

Dear friends
I'm a PhD student in Edinburgh University and interested in survival 
analysis. By chance, I found design library in Splus software. I have 
some questions about it and
it's highly appreciated if you can  help me.
In its help (Design library help) I found the topics(not the commands), 
which are available in the main software.
for instance, survival analysis is available in Splus
now, if we type Design library and search its help book, we find 
survival analysis with other commands.
are they different.
if yes, how can I find a book to introduce with these concepts?
would you please introduce me some references?
best wishes
Mohammad Reza Baneshi

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