[R] [R-pkgs] Updated version of gdata, gtools, gplots and gmodels

Jain, Nitin Nitin.Jain at pfizer.com
Tue Dec 13 18:14:31 CET 2005


We have submitted the updated version of gdata, gmodels, gplots and gtools to CRAN.

Summary of the changes is attached at the end.

Nitin Jain, PhD
<nitin.jain at pfizer.com>
Non Clinical Statistics
Pfizer, Inc. (Groton, CT)
Bldg: 260, # 1451
Ph:  (860) 686-2526 (Office)
Fax: (860) 686-6170

Brief description of changes:


 - Fixed bug in interleave.R - option to covert 1-column matrices to
   vector (based on Andrew Burgess's suggestion)

 - Updated Greg and Jim's email adresses

 - ll.R: Suppressed warning message in attach() call.

 - frameApply.Rd, reorder.Rd: Remove explicit loading of
   gtools in examples, so that failure to import functions from
   gtools gets properly caught by running the examples.

 - upperTriangle.R, man/upperTriangle.Rd: Add functions for
   extracting and modifying the upper and lower trianglular components of

 - is.what.R: Replaced the "not.using" vector with a more robust
   try(get(test)) to find out whether a particular is.* function
   returns a logical of length one.

-  DESCRIPTION: Added Suggests field

 -  Updated the example in frameApply


- Updated Greg's email address.

- Add support for lmer (lme version 4) objects to ci(), estimable(),
  and fit.contrast() via code contributed by Randall C Johnson.

- Add simplfied coefficient specification to estimable() based on a
  function provided by Randall C Johnson.  It is now possible to do
  things like:
        estimable(reg, c("xB"=1,"xD"=-1))
  instead of:
        estimable(reg, c(    0,   1,     0,   -1))
  which should make estimable() much easier to use for large models.


 - plotmeans.R: Fixed bug in plotmeans - based on Stefano Calza's
                suggestion (the function didn't account for factors
                unused levels, returning an error.)

 - exported plot.lm to NAMESPACE, Remove .Alias calls in plot.lm.R
                since .Alias is defunct.

 - barplot2.R: Changed the default greay colors to heat colors, if
               height is matrix

 - Updated Greg's email address

 - balloonplot.R: Recent changes to align row totals with the
                  overall total broke how the marginal cumulative
                  fractions were displayed. Added example using
                  Titanic data that exercises the multi-factor display.
                  Added -.tex, .pdf files and figuers, and RNEWS article
                  in inst/doc

 - colorpanel.R: colorpanel now allows only 2 colors to be specified
                 if no 'middle' color is desired.

CHANGES IN gtools 2.2.2

 -  src/setTCPNoDelay.c: Add C source code for setTCPNoDelay.

 -  NAMESPACE: Add UseDynLib to NAMESPACE so the shared library gets
               properly loaded.

 - Updated Greg's email address.

  - New function 'addLast' that adds functions to R's .Last() so
    that they will be executed when R is terminating.

  - New function setTCPNoDelay() that allows the TCP_NODELAY flag to
    be changed on socket objects.

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