[R] glmmADMB: Generalized Linear Mixed Models using AD Model Builder

Hans Julius Skaug Hans.Skaug at mi.uib.no
Wed Dec 14 09:32:14 CET 2005

Dear R-users,

Half a year ago we put out the R package "glmmADMB" for fitting
overdispersed count data.


Several people who used this package have requested
additional features. We now have a new version ready.
The major new feature is that glmmADMB allows Bernoulli responses
with logistic and probit links. In addition there is
a "ranef.glmm.admb()" function for getting the random effects.

The download site is still:


The package is based on the software ADMB-RE, but the full
unrestricted R-package is made freely available by Otter Research Ltd
and does not require ADMB-RE to run. Versions for Linux and Windows
are available.

We are still happy to get feedback for users, and to get suggestions
for improvement.

We have set up a forum at http://www.otter-rsch.ca/phpbb/ for discussions 
about the software.



Hans Julius Skaug

Department of Mathematics
University of Bergen
Johannes Brunsgate 12
5008 Bergen
ph. (+47) 55 58 48 61

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