[R] export from R to MySQL

Sean Davis sdavis2 at mail.nih.gov
Mon Dec 12 15:26:21 CET 2005

On 12/12/05 9:21 AM, "bogdan romocea" <br44114 at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Sean Davis wrote:
>> but you will have to create the table by hand
> There's no need for manual steps. To take advantage of MySQL's
> extremely fast 'load data infile' you could dump the data in CSV
> format, write a script for mysql (the command line tool), for example
> q <- function(table,infile)
> {
> query <- paste("
> create table ",table," (col1 float, col2 float);

This is creating the table by hand, as opposed to using dbWriteTable.  If
your data.frame contains 67 columns, using dbWriteTable saves quite a bit of


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