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Hello everyone

I have a case in which i need some help. I have evaluated the partial correlations of a data.frame (n=160, variables=7) using the command pcor.shrink (library "corpcor") and then i want to evaluate the confidence intervals of these estimations by using the command pcor.confint (library "GeneNT"). The structure of this command is pcor.confint(x,kappa,alpha) where x is the data.frame of the partial correlations (already evaluated), alpha is the sig. level (0.05 for example) and kappa is the empirical sample size. My problem is that i don't know how to estimate kappa (the empirical sample size). So, i have used as kappa=160 (n) which i think is not correct. Does anyone knows how can i estimate kappa in my case (where n=160 and variables=7) and in generall?

Kind regards

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