[R] Digests of R-help -- minor mess (unicode character set problems)

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Thu Dec 8 17:59:11 CET 2005

Again (as earlier last week) it happened that some of the
postings to R-help were using a version of unicode that seemed
invalid to the unicode-handler (for the digest) inside Mailman (the mailing list
software). As a consequence, yesterday's and today's daily
digests were not sent out.

This time, it ended up better and worse:

 Better is that, thanks to google, I found a patch to
 the python script inside mailman which made it not to choke
 any more on the invalid code *)
 ==> The problem should not happen anymore in the future.

 Worse I did this time by fouling up the manual digest resending,
 such that 3 digests were sent out today, and in wrong order, too.

With apologies for any confusion to the R-help digest readers,
Martin Maechler, ETH Zurich

*) interestingly these problems only happened for the first time
 last week, even though we've been using mailman 2.1.6 for a
 long time.  Interestingly too, that the fix to the problem I
 found with google is only 5 weeks old, too.
 My guess is that only quite recently some e-mail software has
 been changed to the worse such that these illegal characters
 are now sent around in e-mails.

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