[R] Course***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, January 2006 Nationwide

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Happy Holidays!
XLSolutions Corporation (www.xlsolutions-corp.com) is proud to
announce  2-day "R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming
Techniques" in : www.xlsolutions-corp.com/Rfund.htm

***Seattle ------------------------------------------------------
January 9th - 10th, 2006
***San Francisco-------------------------------------------- January
16th-17th, 2006
***Atlanta ------------------------------------------------------
January 19th-20th, 2006
***New York -------------------------------------------------- January
26th-27th, 2006
***Boston ------------------------------------------------------January
30th-31st, 2006

Reserve your seat now at the early bird rates! Payment due AFTER
the class

Course Description:

This two-day beginner to intermediate R/S-plus course focuses on a
broad spectrum of topics, from reading raw data to a comparison of R
and S. We will learn the essentials of data manipulation, graphical
visualization and R/S-plus programming. We will explore statistical
data analysis tools,including graphics with data sets. How to enhance
your plots, build your own packages (librairies) and connect via
We will perform some statistical modeling and fit linear regression
models. Participants are encouraged to bring data for interactive

With the following outline:

- An Overview of R and S
- Data Manipulation and Graphics
- Using Lattice Graphics
- A Comparison of R and S-Plus
- How can R Complement SAS?
- Writing Functions
- Avoiding Loops
- Vectorization
- Statistical Modeling
- Project Management
- Techniques for Effective use of R and S
- Enhancing Plots
- Using High-level Plotting Functions
- Building and Distributing Packages (libraries)
- Connecting; ODBC, Rweb, Orca via sockets and via Rjava

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Email Sue Turner: sue at xlsolutions-corp.com
Phone: 206-686-1578
Visit us: www.xlsolutions-corp.com/training.htm
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XLSolutions Corporation
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