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Tue Dec 6 00:17:20 CET 2005

Ed Wang wrote:
> Yes, I have gone through the manual.  My best reference for plotting has
> been examples either through the list archive or searches on the internet.
> Nothing in the introductory manual could get me to what I have been
> able to do so far, but that is limited to plotting componenets of the time
> series returned from an STL call.
> This is why I am asking for example or references to examples from anyone
> who would be willing to share them.  For some of us not very familiar with
> S+, etc. the documentation with R is not enough.  While I can plot two
> time series one above another using the mfrow() function I'd prefer to
> put two time series in one plot in different colours and using two different
> symbols, which I cannot do using calls to plot().

What about making the two time series into an mts (multiple time series)
object, with
my.mts <-  cbind(ts.1, ts.2)   or maybe
my.ts  <-  ts.union(ts.1, ts.2)    This latest command does not assume a 
commom    time base.   Then
plot(my.ts,plot.type="single", col=c("red", "blue"))


> Thanks.
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> ?lines ?points
> An Introduction to R (and numerous other books on R) explains this. Have you
> read it?
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