[R] loop problem

Frank Johannes fjohannes at fastmail.fm
Mon Dec 5 16:28:23 CET 2005

Here is my problem. Say I have two matrices,

Matrix A:

a b c
4 5 2
3 2 1 
4 5 6 

Matrix B:
d e f g h
3 4 5 2 1
2 3 7 8 6
8 5 1 3 4

I would like to correlate vector a of matrix A with with vectors
d,e,f,g,h of
matrix "B" and save the p-values (or some type of statistic) in a
seperate result vector, say z. Then, I would like to repeat this process
for vector b and vector c of matrix A. In the present example, vector z
would end up containg 15 elements. 
I tried a few double loops, but was not successful in saving the results
in a vector. I was only able to print them with the "print" or "cat"
command, but could not turn the print or cat results into an accessible

Help would be appreciated.
Thank you,


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